This parenting class was so incredibly helpful. I learned skills I never knew I lacked. Thank you so much Dr. Novick.
Kevin S. — Miami, FL was easy to understand and I got my certificate of completion instantly. I can now put my legal issues behind me. Thank you so much.
Sarah J. — Dallas, TX
When I searched the Internet for online parenting classes, they were the first to respond to my email and phone call. Great customer service.
Martin S. — Yonkers, NY
After having this class reviewed by our family court judge, he was so impressed, he allowed us to take this program instead of a weekly class. Thank you so much!
Patricia D. — Dayton, OH
This class was a fantastic learning experience. Classes like this should be mandatory for all new parents.
Jeff B. — Tacoma, WA
This was the highest quality course and incredibly user friendly. I was able to complete my requirement quickly and see my kids. Thank you!
Melanie P. — Tempe, AZ